Cat Power Concert

Living in a college town has its advantages. Besides having lots of same-age (maybe under-age?) girls around, bands like to play for the college crowd. I’m missed many good bands like Interpol, the Pixies and Nine Inch Nails. Although I have been to a see a legend in Bob Dylan. Our Friendly Neighbor has brought to my attention that Cat Power, and all of her awesomeness, is coming to play in Davis. I’m making Rlyconfused go, but it might take more than a hug to convince BEG.

4 Replies to “Cat Power Concert”

  1. Hmmm… ok. I’ll try that. Now how does one kill over 99% of Tan the Man without actually KILLING him? hmmm…

    Wait, what if I started calling you TTM? Cause Tan the Man isn’t the quickest thing to write either.

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