King Kong Is Disappointing

It was billed as the film of the Christmas holidays. Yes, I enjoyed it, but I left the theater with a feeling of disappointment as well. There was pretty cool effects, and almost nonstop action. But if the heart of King Kong is the relationship between Kong and Darrow, then I didn’t feel it. I felt it, but I think I needed more than what was shown. Oh and yes, it was a tad too long.

Checked my grades, and out of three classes, I passed two with no word yet on the third class. Visions of early graduation seem premonitionary. Will this be the next chapter in the as disappointing movie which is my life. It might.


1. New footage of Big Foot. Taken on 11/14/05 in Sonoma County, the footage is believed real by the BFRO: here
2. Nice summation of the best web portal – Yahoo! – and its acquisitions of Flickr and Delicious: here

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