Bif Naked – Superbeautifulmonster (2005)

Bif Naked - SuperbeautifulmonsterCanadian punk rocker Bif Naked (her real name is Beth Torbert) has been recording for over ten years. She is a huge hit over in Canada, but has yet to match that popularity in the U.S. With Superbeautifulmonster, Bif crafts a pleasant mix of pop, punk and rock while never straying too far to either. Metal seems to be a big influence on Bif as well. Her “Ladybug Waltz” is slow and aggressive with its anthem-like chorus and dark mood. She even does a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters;” the gloom is still there, but Bif’s less harsh voice can’t match the more traditional metal growl of James Hetfield.

Bif’s voice makes her music special. Her voice has the feeling of a soft innocence that is always trying to discover something new and different. The album’s opening track “Abandonment” expresses that naïveté with youthful wonder and adolescent anger. Bif knows how to use her voice, which is geared more toward pop music but the rock side of her won’t let her go to that side. Songs like “Everyday” and “Henry” showcase her ability to sing ballad-type pop songs. Songs like “That’s Life” and “Funeral Of A Good Girl” highlight her touch to carry pop melodies.

But Bif leans toward punk with the sexual overtness of “Yeah, You” and with the infectious guitar rhythms of “Let Down.” Although I’m not set on labeling Bif Naked to any genre since her music fits, yet doesn’t fit, so many genres. Her melodies can be identified as pop, but the moods that she creates and themes that she conveys are much more. Bif Naked is talented, and Superbeautifulmonster hints at what she is capable of.

Bif Naked

[photo via Point Spreads]

Track list:

    1. Abandonment
    2. Let Down
    3. Everyday
    4. Yeah, You
    5. That’s You
    6. Nothing Else Matters
    7. I Want
    8. Funeral Of A Good Grrl
    9. Henry
    10. The World Is Over
    11. The Question Song
    12. Ladybug Waltz
    13. After A While

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