A plastic tree, thanks to a plastic card.

I got a christmas tree today!! It is the first time ever that I have bought a fake tree… I wish I could have bought a real one, but it’s just too hard this year. It’s too much hassle and I don’t really have the money. Plus I’ve got a group presentation due on tuesday and those stupid physics labs then finals next week THEN I go home… too much, just too much. I didn’t really want to get a tree (well, I did, but I didn’t think I could) but my mom kind of forced me to. When does a person stop being controlled by his or her parents? She told me that I HAD to buy a christmas tree. Well, she said it in a very sweet and loving way, but forcecully, none the less. She told me that I had to take the credit card and buy a tree. So I did. And a tree topper star, three new ornaments, a snow skirt for the tree, and 40 feet of red garland. I know, it’s bizzare. But the tree looks really good. Rlyconfused, Tony, and a friendly neighbor (Ahram) helped me trim the sucker. Thanks mom.

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