The Joy of Cooking

Ok, so Tony got me a set of Everyday Italian DVDs for our three year anniversary (plus a very pretty watch and the DVDs were very thoughtful and romantic so don’t give him any grief) and I have been watching three of them alot the last couple of weeks. Giada introduced me to a recipe for beef and cheese manicottis and it was DELICIOUS. Total guy food. Did you guys like it? It was seriously so cheap. $15.00-$20.00 is enough to fill five people. Blub, you should come over and have it one day. With beer. And poker. 😛

But I was really excited about Pizza di Spaghetti. It’s just a really bizzare way to eat left over spahetti. I had it for dinner today with Tony. Rlyconfused tried some and Tan the Man kept saying he would try some later, but he never did. *sigh* You can’t keep putting off your life like that, Tan the Man!

I’ll post the recipe for beef and cheese manicotti and the one for Pizza di Spaghetti on my private part of the website. This is seriously tasty italian food.

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