Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone reading this today! I hope your halloween is full of fun and candy and totally free from stress.

Mine’s not. 🙂 Oh well. I had a midterm this morning that I think I nailed (knock on wood), a midterm tomorrow that ought to be easy (open book, open note), and a research paper due on thursday… so this halloween I’m studying and getting little sleep and heading off to physics lab during peak trick-or-treat hours. While I have finally stopped trick-or-treating, I’ve never actually given out candy to a trick-or-treater. Ever. And I thought this would be my first year… maybe someone will show up after 7:30… probably, right?

I’ve decided not to be depressed about having all this stuff to do on Halloween. It’s just one of those things that come with being in college. It’s like our Friendly Neighbor not being able to go out and get plastered or lose a couple hundred dollars at a casino on her 21st birthday. She had a final THE NEXT DAY at like 8:00am… right? That’s ok though, because it’s still a good story. She’ll be able to tell her kids that she had to study late into the night on her 21st and put off partying till later. While I realize that that situation is not exactly ideal, it’s still unique to college life and still wonderful to have and remember later on. So that is how I will remember this halloween… the one that I forsook for midterms… So I better make it worth it. 🙂

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