Don’t call me BEG!!

Ok, so last night I had some fun. Tony and I went to Andy’s place because he and his friend were throwing a party. It was pretty slow to start, but once it did, it was great. A true college-style, beer bong mess which ruined carpets a furniture alike. We stayed out in the backyard area most of the night smoking a hookah. I must have downed six beers because I was definately getting the spins and being very talkative and friendly with everyone around me. Three beers are usually enough to put me out… I’m such a light-weight.

The hookah was awesome. I’ve never smoked out of one before and yesterday I had been thinking about how much I miss smoking cigarettes so it was that much sweeter smoking out of the hookah. The hookah was clean and tasted like peaches. It didn’t hurt at all and it gave me several head rushes. Well, I think it did. I was pretty drunk by the time I started smoking it so I’m not exactly sure if it was the hookah that was making me light-headed.

All in all I had a good time. Rlyconfused and Tan the Man didn’t come. Parties are not their scene. Too bad. It’s fun to have drinking buddies but there are always new drunkards that are willing to chat. Cheers!

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