$1 Ribs At Cattlemen’s

Football season is in full-swing and to celebrate, Cattlemen’s offers $1 ribs on Monday Night. There’s a big screen television broadcasting Monday Night Football while you can eat ribs for $1. It was funny because the waitress spilled lime water all over Will. I wouldn’t have laughed, but BEG couldn’t stop and you know how infectious laughter is. The funny thing is that I was almost going to sit where Will sat so it would have been me being drenched in water. Sucks for Will. FYI – I ate nine ribs + City Slicker = satisfied.


1. What do you get when you put a 13 foot python with a 6 foot alligator? Nothing – they cancel each other out: here.
2. Strange skull from protohuman: here.
3. More complete list of X-Box 360 launch titles: here.

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