D&L Update

Finally, I’m done updating dorksandlosers.com. It took a while, but all my nitpicking, I think, has paid off. The site looks great and there aren’t any major kinks. Although I think there might be a problem with viewing the site in Internet Explorer. Someone, who uses IE, might need to tell me.

This WordPress theme is called “Northern Web Coders.” There were a few things that I didn’t like, which I needed to look at for several hours in GoLive to figure out how to fix them. Any thoughts on the site? Any concerns? Please tell. Everyone who can post now has a page to themselves in the header. You have control, and please use the pages. I added an ‘About’ and ‘Media’ page. Tell me what you want said in ‘About’ so I can update it.

Hope your vacations are going well? Mine is good, and I’ll be back in Davis on Thursday.

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