Today Is Tuesday

Today, I spent a few hours working on a computer that I later found out could have taken only a few minutes. Oh well, I learn. I get better. I also figured out how to fix this Office bug. I feel good.

Reminder to tell Tony and Andy – garage sale at 718 L Street for UCD department on 9/24/05. I will try to confirm the place and time again. I think Andy wanted to look for stuff for his new place.
*Update: 7AM-1PM

Things to do on my vacation:

    Rename iPhoto pics in the library.
    Download songs.
    Do take-home finals.
    Write reviews.
    Go to pawn shop.

I think that’s it. I’ll think of more later.

According to Appleinsider, the iPod nano is selling under expectations.

“[The] black-colored ones are outselling the white ones by a great deal,” Wu wrote in a research note released to clients on Tuesday. “5 to 1 and in some cases as high as 8 to 1.” Coincidentally, these sales ratios completely contrast Apple’s initial production ratios of the nano, which reports suggest were 1 black nano for every 5 to 8 white nanos.

Stupid. Of course the black would sell more. Geez. Strike 0.5 Apple.

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