Mini Vacation Weekend

Saturday was a day of doing nothing. In the morning, rlyconfused and I hit up some garage sales. I got a killer deal on golf balls (like 75 balls for $2), and some hockey sticks. Rlyconfused bought a sofa chair. However, on the way to all of these garage sales, we found this small section of town near us whose street names are THE SHIRE and RIVENDELL. How cool is that? The houses and the neighborhood look like a hobbit town. There are walkways and bike paths that look magical. There is also a running stream near the grass areas and the walkways. Damn, I wish I found a house there. I’ll try to take some pictures so you can see that magic still exists.

We also watched The Brothers Grimm and man is Lena Headey hot. I loved her in The Jungle Book, but she got hotter. We spent Sunday in SF. Brown Eyed Girl reminded me of Lena’s name in the movie. Pain… hurt…

We went into this small jewelry store, and B.E.G. asked me to pick out what I would buy for the girl of my dreams. It took looking at the entire inventory before this necklace and earring set caught my eye (it would only work if that happened). I almost bought it; but then I remembered that the girl of my dreams left me and the jewelry set was out of my price range. Although, it was worth it.

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