Dear World,

I’m sorry.

Today, I have constructed a mistake of epidemic proportions. A mistake so complicated and with so many interwoven parts, it would take a million computers a million years to construct a mistake that rivals mine.

Today, I have wasted a collective total of 12 man hours, along with two gallons of gas… and about a 2 millimeter patch of my tire rubber.

See. We were supposed to go salsa dancing tonight. But given Tony’s remark that country night at the grad was more successful than his experiences salsa dancing, we (perhaps wisely, perhaps not) decided to go um. somewhere else. Jazz bar was floated and discussed for a while, but unfortunately we do not live in near a major metropolitan city. There’s a reason Arnold goes home to LA.

So me, being the bloody genius that I am, pulled up a list of ice skating rinks and figured out the nearest one that had public skate sessions. Much to my delight, it was a mere 35 minutes away. I pulled up it’s website and lo and behold, public skating a la was indeed available.

With my brilliant leadership skills, I got everyone in the car. Well. In Xochi’s car too. And with a quick visit to Yahoo maps, we were soon on our way.

20 minutes later…

rlyconfused: “Maybe I should have called them to confirm it…. naw.. it probably doesn’t matter”

35 minutes later…

rlyconfused: “Exit…exit…. exit……. ” squints hard at Yahoo map “exit…. exit……… mmmm.. um guys?”

40 minutes, 3 U-turns and one quick dip onto the highway, we arrive there. As we approach the parking lot entrance, a few bikers were in the bike lane. Not wanting to crush them, I accelerated and turned into the parking lot. Wrong order. One turns, THEN accelerates. Squeal. Hop. Bounce. Squeal. (But no boom, and that is a very good thing.)

42 minutes later…

Angry brown eyed girl (of dnl fame) informs me that my master plan and exquistely honed leadership skills suck the big one. You see.. they actually had a hockey game going. It wasn’t public skating. THE BLOODY WEBSITE LIED!!!!!

1h and 10 minutes later…

Safeway. Alcohol section.

1h and 42 minutes later….



4 Replies to “Dear World,”

  1. 🙂 lol… no one else caught this, i guess.
    Rlyconfused… look at your first line… it says, “Today, I have constructed a mistake of epidemic proportions.” EPIDEMIC. I laughed for like a minute. I don’t really know why. It’s a cute, innocent mistake, much cuter than the one you were writing about. But so you know, it’s supposed to be “a mistake of epic proportions.” You make it seem like your one mistake caused a landslide of oher mistakes. Ok. That’s it. Sorry to add to the uncomfortableness of the situation. 😛

  2. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. don’t tell anyone. actually, i was fishing for that word when i was writing it, but it didn’t come up. so it was a choice between ginormous and epidemic.

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