Feist – Let It Die (2005)

Feist - Let It DieWith Let It Die, Feist provides a breath of fresh air reminiscent to Nouvelle Vague’s self-titled debut. Nouvelle Vague’s debut was filled with covers, but NV gave each song a French new wave sound. Feist follows suit with a few songs of her own (the most Nouvelle Vague resembling “Gatekeeper,” the reggae/jazz guided “Mushaboom” and the very French-inspired “Tout Doucement”).

Feist showcases her many sounds with Let It Die. She can sing a heartfelt ballad (“Let It Die,” which resonates so powerfully in its simplicity), a jazz-R&B combo (“One Evening”) and even a disco tune (“Inside And Out”). Feist’s strength is her vocal efficiency. She doesn’t drown her songs out with her vocals, nor does she allow the instruments to overtake her.

From the Judy Garland-inspired “Now It Last” to the Cat Power-influenced “Lonely Lonely,” Fiest gives praise to the female artists that inspired her. Female rock has been stagnant with no constant influx in new talent. No offense to Sheryl Crow, but someone else can win a grammy. Feist, hopefully, is the first of many female alternative/rock artists who experiment with genre-bending sounds and tear inducing emotions.


[photo via RCRD LBL]

Track list:

    1. Gatekeeper
    2. Mushaboom
    3. Let It Die
    4. One Evening
    5. Leisure Suite
    6. Lonely Lonely
    7. When I Was A Young Girl
    8. Secret Heart
    9. Inside And Out
    10. Tout Doucement
    11. Now At Last

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