Should I Be Upset…

… if I turned down a free trip to L.A.? I could have been flown to L.A. to see a free screening of Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown and to interview Cameron Crowe. Maybe I’ll regret it when I pay to see the movie, and would be like ‘Dammit, I could have seen the movie for free!’

… if I have a mosquito bite on my penis?

… if I have lost all motivation in life?

Finally… here is my new house!

4 Replies to “Should I Be Upset…”

  1. Tan the Man… are you serious? You turned down a FREE trip to LA plus a free screening of a movie and an INTERVIEW WITH THE STAR?!?!?!?! What is the matter with you? Of course you should be upset! Forget the mosquito bite on your penis!!! What were the circumstances that made you turn down this opportunity?

  2. Well a mosquito bite on your penis will doubled it’s size , therefore in your case I would be pleased
    Also, you should have gone to LA it would have been an interesting entry on the site

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