Preparing For Finals

At home, I bought a new 27″ color TV for my parents. The other one pretty much died. It doesn’t show color – well, it does but it is more like 5 bit color. That TV has served us well for about 20 years. Now that’s quality.

Classes for Summer Session Two start next week. It shouldn’t be as bad since I don’t have two classes that run Monday through Thursday for two house a day each. That sucked. My new schedule calls for classes on only Tuesday and Thursday. I get a day-off from everything on Monday, but I have work pretty much all day on Wednesday and Friday.

Links for today:

  • Great article on the “debate” between tap water and bottled water. Although it shouldn’t be a debate since tap water is so much better for you. Here.
  • My Blogcritics article “Canadian Supreme Court Rules Posting How-To’s Of Illegal Doings Legal”: Here.
  • My Blogcritics article “Xbox 360’s Possible Pricing”: Here.

  • A pierced Apple Mighty Mouse. Courtesy of Teal Sunglasses

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