My Mind Is Blank…

Move-in day starts tomorrow. While I won’t be moving in to sleep there the first day, I will be moving in my precious DVDs. Yes, my DVDs are valuable to me than my left foot.

My mom’s car was found. Doh! Apparently my mom’s car was stolen in front of our house. According to the information told to me, I suspect a few punk kids stole it. There was a jacket left in the car, dozens of cigarette butts in the backseat, and the battery was drained. The police found the car after giving it five parking tickets and notified my dad.

“The Good” in the September 2005 edition of Computer Gaming World:

Not content with the paltry 1.5 million users the game has garnered on this side of the Pacific. Blizzard has opened the World Of Warcraft floodgates in China. We don’t know what this means for the subscription numbers, but the Chinese version’s 500,000 beta users definitely can’t be a bad thing. To put it in perspective: Blizzard considers North America to be this game’s test market.

Masturbation Horror stories: here

“Just Trying Them On For Size” by Anonymous: “I thought my straight roommate was going to be gone for the day. He came home early and caught me in HIS bed masturbating in HIS underwear… He moved out shortly thereafter.”

“When you talk about a great actor, you’re not talking about Tom Cruise.” – Lauren Bacall in Time Magazine.

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