7/28/05 – A Milestone Date

On this date, today – July 28, 2005 – dorksandlosers.com hit 1000 hits. This will be the first of many such milestones, and hopefully more traffic to come.

It’s such a great day. It’s not too hot, and it seems that this weather will last for another week. God must be smiling on me. *Update, I spoke too soon. It’s hot!

Yah! I fixed the permalink structure of the site so that the urls for the site aren’t those god-awful letters and numbers. Yah!

Links for today:

  1. Inventor of CTRL-ALT-DEL, David Bradely, mocks Bill Gates: here.
  2. Apple and GAP are teaming up to offer free iTunes songs. Try on a new pair of GAP jeans and receive a code for a free iTunes song: here.
  3. Kate Beckinsale to be Wonder Woman in movie: here.
  4. Blind kid is sickly good at Soul Calibur II: here.

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