Now I Can Say Happy Birthday…

I’m in the library right now. I’m working on my NAS project. I’m looking at iTunes and there is one person (“All That Crazy Music…”) who has 10,906 songs totalling 41.85 GB. I am jealous.

“Tony: Your mom sends her regards.”

We are closing in on 1000 official hits. We are currently at 956. We will probably hit it soon.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. It might have been because my roommate was very loud. He had some of his friends come over, and I think they got super drunk. They were noisy, but I think I wouldn’t have slept well anyway. Who knows? Maybe my insomnia is coming back.

I just found out that my mom’s car was stolen. If anyone has actually seen the car, you probably weren’t too surprised. I’m not at all surprised except for the fact that it should’ve happened sooner. My mom’s car is a 1986 Toyota Camary, and it is has consistently been the No. 1 (sometimes No. 2) Most Stolen Car in America for the past ten years. The car is old, and my mom works in Oakland so the fact that the car was stolen isn’t a shock. In fact, we have been waiting for this to possibly happen so that we can go ahead and buy a new car already. Too bad this didn’t happen a few months ago before my dad plucked a few grand on repairs.

*Evening Update: I got off work a 1/2 hr. early. Yah!

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