Saturday Fun At Six Flags: Marine World

For Tony’s 22nd birthday, he wanted to go to Marine World, so we went on Saturday because his birthday falls on a Tuesday. We arrived at 11 AM yesterday and stayed till 5 PM. We did a whole bunch of stuff. The only roller coast that I went on was V2: Vertical Velocity, and let me tell you that my end experience was one of the reasons why I hate roller coasters. Since I have OCD, my comfort zone allows me to do things that I have some control over. I have no control over the roller coasters’ pattern.

We played some games, won some prizes (Andy won me a panda bear) and walked around a lot. We also saw a dolphin show, and I ran into someone from high school. We left the park, ate some Costco pizza and swam at Ted’s place.

Received some CDs to review:

  1. Longwave – There’s A Fire CD
  2. Jonathan Rice – Trouble Is Real CD
  3. Rosemary Clooney – Ballad Essentials CD
  4. Feist – Let It Die CD

I have been looking forward to listening to these.

Tony finally gave me the pictures from yesterday so I will be putting those on Flickr soon. Hope you enjoy.

Other links:

  • Some guy’s top 5 of the best two player NES games here. Contra has to be #1, which it is so this list has some credibility.
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