Today Could Be A Great Day

Today might be a great day. I got up this morning after sleeping an extra 30 minutes. I took a long shower, and left the house. The weather was extremely nice and reminded me of Berkeley. I know it won’t last, but the morning was the nicest morning I have experienced in a long time.

So my mom is pissed off to no end. She took my broken cell phone to be repaired, and the technician told her that there was water damage and that it couldn’t be fixed under the warranty. They told her that she had to buy a new phone. Well… it worked after the water damage, so technically my phone still works. However, I will be continually plagued by daily battery shutoffs and display failures until I fork over the money for a new phone. Needless to say that I will not be returning home for a while.

I have more reviews to write…

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