Wild Day In S.F.

Yeah, I’m BSing you with the title. Do I look like the type of person to have a wild time anywhere that doesn’t involve just me and my hand? But we did go to S.F. – me, Ted and Will and we later picked up Jia Min in S.F. It was a long drive – surprisingly fast to the Bay Bridge, but once we hit S.F. it was all on Ted to find Jia Min. That took about another hour on top of the hour it took to get from Davis to S.F. The break from the Davis heat was great. I miss the Bay Area. Once that settled we got a bite to eat, walked around, went to the Metreon, dropped Jia Min off home and saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Ted and Will had never seen it and I was watching it for the second time. Then Ted managed to get back to Davis in less than an hour. Wow. We got back around 2 AM and I went straight to bed. Overall, it was fun. Then again, anything is fun outside of Davis.

Too bad none of us had a digital camera. Man, that sucks. I think we’ve all learned that it’s important for us to take pictures because our college days are nearing its end. Man, I really need one. Scratch that. I need the money to buy a digital camera more.

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