Surprisingly Light Day So Far

I have about 20 minutes of free time before my Native American Studies class. I got out early from my English class because my teacher showed us Office Space which was nice. I’m glad because I was thinking about not going to class. Hopefully the rest of the day is good.

Frightened I was this morning. I’m lying in bed and I hear this thump close to me. I get up – this around 7:00 AM. I look on my bed and there is a huge cockroach on my pillow. It must have fallen from the ceiling. I quickly grab my garbage bucket and scoop the sucker in. I put the bucket in the living room. That was disgusting. I would have killed it, but it was too early in the morning. Yikes.

*Evening Update: I came back home to new DVDs. I got Three War Films Trilogy (Criterion Collection), Rescue Me: Season One and MI-5: Volume One. Too bad I didn’t get more. I got my gym locker situation fixed up. I got a new locker and all of my stuff back. I’m glad because that new swimsuit cost me $30. I also updated the header picture for “Dorks And Losers”. It is a picture of the land as Tony, Andy and I hiked up this mountain. Now – time to write my paper, which is due tomorrow. Yowser. I am also happy to say that I am the new assistant video editor at Yah!

The weather is supposed to cool down this week. Thank God.

2 Replies to “Surprisingly Light Day So Far”

  1. Eeeewww Tan the Man!!! A cockroach? Your roommates are nasty. We need to bomb your stuff before we move into the new place. Cockroach eggs spread really quickly.

  2. It’s not my roommates. I remember seeing a cockroach outside of my house like a month after I moved in. I think it’s the house. It’s an old house.

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