Review: Mr. Anonymous – Mr. Anonymous (2005)

Mr. Anonymous - Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous - Mr. AnonymousThe original drummer Jeep MacNichol of The Samples traveled to Jamaica to record with the island’s leading musicians. The result of the many collaborations is relaxation music. One can easily vision being on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean while listening to Mr. Anonymous. The opening track is called “Mr. Anonymous” and helps to kick start the album with the energy and spirit of the album. There are many moods and feelings that the album wants to emphasize through their songs. The R&B styled “Sexy” is the musicians’ ode to sex and women. The environment conscious “Atmosphere” includes raindrops in the background. The most passionate song is “Player Hater” with artist Cutty Ranks. The track is very direct, and is the most involving. There are at least four different sounds mixed into the song and creates an intense experience of strong lyrics and quick beats, which borders on both hip-hop and electronic. The album begins as an unwinding listen, but gets edgier with a few of the latter tracks on the album. Jeep certainly doesn’t remind the audience that he used to play in The Samples while “Always” is playing, but brings the album full circle with the final track “Swing/Acoustic”. The final minutes of the track are devoted to the sounds of nature. It seems fitting that the final message of the album is peace.

Track list:

  1. Mr. Anonymous
  2. Sexy
  3. Shylean
  4. Good Vibe
  5. Harmony Bus
  6. Swing
  7. Bring The Youth
  8. Atmosphere
  9. Get Ready
  10. Player Hater
  11. Always
  12. Shylean/Party Tonight Remix
  13. Swing/Acoustic

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