A Much Needed Break

Boy has this week wiped me out. As much as I was looking forward to the summer, I forgot about the incredible heat that strikes Davis, CA. The temperature has risen 20 degrees from 70 just last week. Yikes.

That’s why I’ll be glad for a nice weekend of downtime. I’m going back home to Berkeley where it should be a nice 65 degrees. I love Berkeley. It’d be nice to get some sleep. The darn heat has made my body fluxuate. My room is so weird. During the day, it cools; at night, it heats up. It’s this heat that has caused my insomnia. I’ve only gotten like 5 hours of sleep a night. Although I did get the best sleep I’ve gotten in the past month last night.

This weekend, I might play tennis, write a lot, and watch some DVDs. I might actually be busy this weekend. I only have 5 more CDs to review. Although I did request 3 more: Feist, Johnathan Rice, and Longwave.

Yesterday sure wasn’t my day with girls. Let’s just say that I drowned my sorrows in cookies. I would have ice cream, but I knew there would be no more room for it in the freezer and I didn’t want to eat the entire quart. Sadness…

I must pay my respects to the veterans. This weekend celebrates Memorial Day, and I’m happy to call myself an American. Long live those who have served this country, and hopefully others can step up and follow in your footsteps. It’s something that I regretfully say that it is something that I cannot do. But I will always respect those that do make the sacrifice.

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