Hard Day

Well, I just deleted some comment that obviously some immature bastard wrote. Oh well, he sounds like he’s 9 years old. Whatever, I don’t care.

I’m currently listening to The Standard – Post Wire To Wire, and hopefully I’ll have the review ready to post tonight on the blog and on BlogCritics. My goal is pump out 2 reviews a night until I finish the 10 left to do. This is going to be hard.

I got back from my film class. We watched Elmer Gantry and Leap Of Faith, which were both good. I have to admit, Steve Martin is pretty funny in Leap Of Faith, which satires evangelists. The funniest line is: “Women are like a slingshot. The more the resistance, the farther you’ll go.”

The one hesitation I have about this class are the people. The official title of the course is “The Bible And Film”. I like religious films. They help give enlightenment. Although we just watch films and don’t really discuss them, I like it better this way with this class. How much can I learn from someone who says that their favorite director is Mel Gibson. HE ONLY DIRECTED ONE FUCKING MOVIE!

I haven’t been blogging in a while because of all the reviews that I need to finish. Will get better when I finish the reviews and not request so many at one time. C’mon!

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