3 More Weeks Of School!

Today is the last day of the school week. Too bad I have bunches of stuff to write. Damn Shakespeare. I also have 8 CDs to listen to and review by next week.

Man, The Mars Volta is coming to Berkeley on June 3, yet I’m probably not going to attend their concert. Ack! They’re going to play at the Greek Theatre. I sure do like attending concerts there. The ticket prices are the same as they were when I went to see Coldplay. Stupid school. Stupid finals. And to top it off, Wilco is coming to Berkeley the week after on June 11. Stupid school.

Interesting links for today:

• 3 people killed over what seems to be gaming at its extreme hardcoreness. Here.
• This is a hilarious story about the apparent inequalities of the modern relationship. Here.
• An 11-year-old girl who might be the next Nolan Ryan. Not only did she throw a perfect game, but she struck out everyone she faced. Dominance, or Do-wominance? Here.

I received another CD in the mail today. It is Howie Day – Stop All The World Now (SE). The person I e-mailed didn’t respond to my request so I didn’t know if I was getting it. This is the second time. I wish they could acknowledge me somehow, instead of just sending me stuff. I don’t mind, but since I’m so busy, I’d like a heads-up. That makes 9 reviews for me to write. Busy Busy Busy.

I registered for classes yesterday, and it seems that I am taking 4 classes – 1 French, and 3 English. No film. That’s a first.

Not sure what I’m going to do for tonight. I know I have 3 more pages to write for my paper that I need (emphasis on the NEED) to get a B on the paper in order to have any chance of my passing my class. This is why I gave up Physics, I couldn’t handle the pressure!

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