To Ask Or Not To Ask

Should I ask a girl out or not? I think that’s a huge decision. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, my decision is contingent on whether or not Ted asks the girl he wants to out. If he does, then I am obligated to ask my girl out. But, there’s another girl I’ve recently been attracted to, which makes it complicated. Who should I ask? A girl that I’ve been attracted to for a year, and has been in all 3 of my classes this year or a girl who lives in the same city I’m from (Berkeley), and is very cute and smart? Okay, both are cute and smart. Darnit. Hard decision. Hopefully Ted blows it, and I’m out of the clear to ask my girl out.

In other news, I am awaiting some CDs to review to arrive in the mail. I am very excited because these are my first free samples and my first music reviews that I’m going to write. Here are some of the CDs that have been confirmed to me:

1. Johnny Cash – The Legend 4 CD Box Set
2. Chris Glover – Hell Isn’t Even That Funny CD
3. Moby – Hotel CD
4. Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague (Luaka Bop) CD

My film reviews seemed to be a success and so were my opinion pieces. I guess I’m going to have to wing it. Good luck to me.

I received my replacement headphones from Apple yesterday. This replacement is for my iPod mini, and I’m soon going to get another for my iPod remote, which I might add is ridiculously expensive. Strike 1/2 for you, Apple!

Oh yeah, I’m glad I got Jia Min hooked onto my DVD catalog sites: Guzzlefish and DVDSpot. MUHAHA. Here are my respective DVD catalog pages: DVD Spot and Guzzlefish. Out of the two, I’d go for DVD Spot for the quality of the DVD cataloging, but Guzzlefish has the ability to catalog CDs and Games.

New DVDs on the way to me:

1. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2D) (Criterion Collection)
2. Hoop Dreams (Criterion Collection)

Double Yah pour moi!

And I’m off to Hickey Pool… God I hope Steven swims naked.

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