Very Bad Day

Today was such a bad day. Not only did it rain a lot during the morning, but I missed the bus and was late for work. I tried to bike to school but I was soaked during the first 2 minutes. Damn, I knew it would be sunny by the time I would come home. Grrrrr.

I walked by a girl whom I thought was the girl of my dreams. I started to hyperventilate. I calmed down once I passed her. I tried to look back, but she was gone. I slapped myself in the face. I almost cried.

LK wasn’t in french class today. She is the only reason that I come to french class. Thank God she’s been in all of my french classes, otherwise I wouldn’t know how I could have gotten through them.
Failed my english quiz even though I knew it was coming. I didn’t know know, I guesed that there would be one, and I didn’t even read the summaries for The Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. And to top it off, damn girl in front of me totally disrupted the handing of the attendance sheet. How hard could it be? Damn, I guess some people are oblivious to following the pattern of seats and rows.

Spent two hours trying to fix a computer. Installed its software, brought it over to Hunt Hall, but couldn’t turn on the monitor! There are so many cables in it that it took me at least 30 minutes to figure out which cable was the one that I needed. Then the network didn’t work and it took me an hour to figure out that the drivers were disabled. Grrrr. I didn’t even finish.

Then to top off an evil day, I missed the bus going home. I knew I should have biked. And it was a little hot, so I had to walk, sweating through a huge jacket, because I didn’t have enough room in my backpack that my other sweatshirt was occupying.

Evil day. Maybe I’ll go to bed early so this day can end sooner.

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