$100 Xbox 360

At 10:55 am yesterday morning, I was able to surf Amazon.com. At 10:57, I still could. At 10:58, I reloaded Amazon.com and bam, nothing. I stared at the screen for 30 minutes before I gave up. 30 minutes of my life was wasted, all because I wanted to try to get an Xbox 360 for $100 despite my inner gut telling me that I had no chance in hell of getting one. … Continue reading…$100 Xbox 360

Sony Banks The Company On Blu-ray

I have a bet with my friend on which next-generation high definition video format will win. In five years, I think that Toshiba’s HD-DVD will win over Sony’s Blu-ray. Despite the technological superiority of Blu-ray over HD-DVD, I don’t think it’s what the people want or need (I think holographic technology will be better suited for our storage needs, but that’s about five years down the road). … Continue reading…Sony Banks The Company On Blu-ray

Best Buy To Sell Xbox 360 Games Before Official Launch Date?

Every person that calls himself or herself a gamer knows that the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s next generation console, is officially launching in North America on Tuesday, November 22. Poor Europe and Japan won’t see their launches until Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 10, respectively. The North American launch will be media frenzy, but Microsoft might have a solution to both build the Xbox anticipation and lessen the armloads of young children eager to play on launch day. Sell the software early and let the people just buy the hardware. … Continue reading…Best Buy To Sell Xbox 360 Games Before Official Launch Date?