The Bird And The Bee – One Too Many Hearts EP (2008)

Los Angeles indie duo The Bird And The Bee sure does like making music, releasing its second EP One Too Many Hearts after having already released the EP Please Clap Your Hands mere months after the band’s self-titled debut album hit the store shelves. The band (Inara “Bird” George — vocals, Greg “Bee” Kurstin — producer, guitar) just has too much creativity, although this latest release did have something to do with a little holiday called Valentine’s Day. … Continue reading…The Bird And The Bee – One Too Many Hearts EP (2008)

Funny Video

I just saw the funniest thing on TV. Bravo has this program where it airs videos from random people. So, this dude squirts water at his dorm roommate. Would would you do if you were the roommate? If you were him, you would pick up the nearest pair of scissors and throw them at the dude. The dude had a pair of scissors stuck in his arm. He was pissed because he had to go to the hospital. Crap man. The funny thing is the roommate threw the scissors blade up so I don’t know how the scissors puntured through the blade. Funny stuff… … Continue reading…Funny Video