Apeiron X

Ambrosia has taken an updated spin on the classic game, Centipede. Equipped with a XQJ-37 plasma cannon, you must destroy Cheech the Pentipede before he reaches the bottom of the screen. There are dozens of mushrooms that are scattered throughout the screen to block any clean shots. When shot, Cheech divides and leaves a fresh shroom behind. Shoot the head and not only do you get more points per hit, but you still get only one Cheech to deal with. … Continue reading…Apeiron X

Best Buy To Test Selling Pre-Owned Video Game Software

Best Buy Co. Inc. — the number one electronics retailer in the U.S. — is currently testing the sale of used video games in a few of its stores. With more than 870 stores in North America, Best Buy is trying to tap into the existing used video game market estimated at $800 million (10% of total video game sales) this year. … Continue reading…Best Buy To Test Selling Pre-Owned Video Game Software