Brian Olive – Brian Olive (2009)

Brian Olive is an extremely diverse album that maximizes the use of simplicity with not a whole lot of fluff and excess. If “Stealin'” sounds rough as if it were recorded live, then you’re partially correct. The Ohio-native Brian Olive used analog tape for the sessions and the natural and cool atmosphere is definitely preserved in his brisk, yet filling debut. … Continue reading…Brian Olive – Brian Olive (2009)

The Greenhornes – Sewed Souls (2005)

Heavily influenced by rock royalties like The Beatles, The Byrds and The Doors, The Greenhornes strive to make rock simple again. No flash, just down and dirty classic rock. The latest album Sewed Souls is a compilation of tracks from all of The Greenhornes’ previous albums: Gun For You (1999), The Greenhornes (2001), Dual Mono (2002), East Grand Blues (2005). Anyone who missed the band’s previous works will do well to pick this up. … Continue reading…The Greenhornes – Sewed Souls (2005)