Pet Peeve About Lap Swimming

I don’t know how many times that I’ve experienced this, but I think it happens at least once a day on days that I swim. I hate it when someone tries to get into your lane without notifiying you or anyone else that is swimming in your lane. It’s proper lap swim etiquette. You notify everyone in the lane that you’re coming in AND you don’t get in until you do. … Continue reading…Pet Peeve About Lap Swimming


For a Monday — to just get off from a weekend — I feel very sluggish. My swim today — I was alone by the way — sucked. My knees were stiff and my arms felt like jelly. I ran into Pascal, but that’s another story. And I’m still feeling the lingering effects from my fall during our hike (my shorts rub against my knee cut) and from either two mosquito or two flea bites on my crotch. Damn the summer. … Continue reading…GRRRR