Lost Mafia… Again

Wow. Watched a movie over at my place. Stranger Than Fiction is a really good movie, by the way. After the movie, I walked Wendy and Blub out, and as soon as the door was open, Mafia bolts out. We spent a half hour trying to find him. We almost caught him once, but when he ran to our front door, he did a complete 180 and ran off again. … Continue reading…Lost Mafia… Again

Mafia Pees

Out of four bedrooms in the house, Mafia has now peed in two of them — Will’s and rlyconfused’s. He’s never coming in my room, and I’m sure BEG and davistiger won’t let them into their’s now that Sheila (their new bird) is with us. I hate cats. Check plus for the dog world. … Continue reading…Mafia Pees