Clubfeet – Gold On Gold (2010)

For Sebastian Cohen (vocals, guitar), Yves Roberts (bass), and Monty Cooper (synths), it seemed as if the land down under would be the perfect location for inspiration for their electronica band Clubfeet. Saying good-bye to their hometowns of Capetown, South Africa, Sebastian and Yves moved to Australia where the two met Monty. It seemed like a perfect musical storm. … Continue reading…Clubfeet – Gold On Gold (2010)

Hot Chip – One Life Stand (2010)

Can you feel it? The tension of making the right choice from a hard decision is filling the air, as well as the void of an empty heart. I’m kidding. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Even Hot Chip sums up the decision in song with either a short- and long-term answer: “I Feel Better” or “One Life Stand. I’ll leave the right path up to the listener. … Continue reading…Hot Chip – One Life Stand (2010)