Jimmy Kimmel On Barack Obama And Joe Wilson

“President Obama made his health care address to Congress. It went pretty well, except for one weird part in the middle when a congressman from South Carolina suddenly yelled out, ‘You lie!” It’s amazing — this guy was able to sit through seven years of PResident Bush telling him everything in Iraq was fine.” — Jimmy Kimmel on Barack Obama and Joe Wilson … Continue reading…Jimmy Kimmel On Barack Obama And Joe Wilson

Bono Snubs George W. Bush

“Nice work with the hug dodge,” Barack Obama told Bono after the U2 frontman avoided hugging then-President George W. Bush.

Judging by many of the comments, in hindsight Bono shouldn’t have slighted Bush. Of course, had more people known about it then, many would have applauded Bono. It’s just another example of how trying to be mean and not be friendly actually takes more effort than to simply be nice. … Continue reading…Bono Snubs George W. Bush