“For me, it’s just reading the situations. [Although] it’s harder against bad teams. We were playing a team last year, they were so bad. I think I had seven or eight turnovers that game because I was throwing the ball to where I know I should’ve thrown the ball to, but they were so bad defensively that they were really in all the wrong spots.”

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors, on preparing for and defending bad basketball teams

Diamond Thug Interview at SXSW Music Festival 2017 (Tan The Man)

Interview: South Africa’s Indie Rock Quartet Diamond Thug Soaks Up First SXSW and Readies Debut Album

Even in its 31st installment, South by Southwest is still a big deal for many music artists, especially to those invited for the first time. For indie rock band Diamond Thug, there was no doubt about traveling to Austin, Texas and performing at SXSW. “We had to do it,” emphasized lead singer Chantel van T. Even before confirming the trip… Read more →