Super Babe: Connie Nielsen

I’ve found that it’s difficult to maintain this blog when I don’t have a regular engagement like school or work to keep me on a schedule. I lose interested because there’s so much free time that I think I’ll eventually get to it before the darkness sets in. I’m always wrong in that regard.

I recently watched Brian De Palma’s Mission To Mars and I finally realized how gorgeous Connie Nielsen is. I mean she was super hot in The Devil’s Advocate and Gladiator. She was really wholesome in the dreadful The Great Raid, and I’m currently seeing her as a law enforcement badass in her short stint on Law & Order: SVU.

Must see more movies with her in it.


The San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Caveliers for the 2007 NBA Championship, with Tony Parker winning Finals MVP.

Barry Bonds hit more home runs.

C’est la vie.

UPDATE: Edited.