Spider-Man 3 And Its Gwen Stacy

All I will say about the movie is that I enjoyed. I need more time for it to soak in — the action, the story, etc.

But the one thing that I don’t need time to think about is how HOT Bryce Dallas Howard is as Gwen Stacy. Wow. I’d seen Bryce in The Village, which she was very cute (and surprisingly good) in. I’ve been meaning to watch Manderlay and The Lady In The Water, but there is only so much time in the world.

Now. You can probably assume that the movie probably wasn’t THAT good if the one thing that I can’t stop talking about is one of the supporting characters. But my God. It’s girls like her that I wish I was back in the science field. Why couldn’t girls like her be in my physics and math classes. Maybe paying attention in them would have been easier to do.


If I could have found more pictures of Bryce as Gwen, trust me they would be here. But I couldn’t, so I can’t.

UPDATE: Edited.