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Just Saw Another Newly Tested Yahoo! Homepage

Here is another Yahoo! homepage that I came across using Apple Safari.

Just Saw Newly Tested Yahoo! Homepage

I just saw this new Yahoo! Homepage, that I think the company is testing. I found this on Chrome, but not on Firefox.

Bing Swipes “Last Chance Kitchen” Top Search From Bravo

The segment was called “Last Chance Kitchen” and was a web-only featurette. I searched it on Yahoo! (or Bing), and the image above shows the top searches. Microsoft’s Bing swiped the top result of “last chance kitchen” from Bravo.tv (with the supposedly original streaming video) and instead tried to direct users to its own Videos page.

New Yahoo! Mail Beta Has No Love For Opera

I like it so far, but unfortunately my main browser of choice on the Windows side is Opera (current version 10.63). Yahoo! Mail Beta currently only works for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (and in only that order). I haven’t tried Chrome.

Why Is Netflix Sponsoring ‘Blunt’ On Yahoo?

I thought this was weird. I wanted to see what the actual definition of ‘blunt’ was so I searched it on Yahoo!

Yahoo! Rolling Out New Search Page

I was browsing the Yahoo! homepage when I noticed that “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” was #4 on “Trending Now.”

FAIL: Steven Sande Knows Little About Yahoo!

It’s articles like Steven Sande‘s “Yahoo! Mail for iPad and iPhone contains tasty HTML5 goodness” that really makes me not want to read TUAW.