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Francisco Liriano’s Struggles Provide Vindication For Brian Sabean

Former Minnesota Twins stud pitcher Francisco Liriano lost Monday night and fell to a Barry Zito-esque 5-12 record and a 5.80 ERA. Liriano doesn’t seem to have fully regained his former 2006 form after undergoing Tommy John Surgery in 2008.

Barry Bonds + Jeff Kent, Marion Jones, RIAA

Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent were teammates for a very long time. You’d never know it, but those two hated each other. Yet the irony was the two were more similar than they were different. If you ever read stories about the two nowadays, you’ll hear how Kent was just as a loner as Bonds was. Even though Kent was enthusiastic during interviews, it’s just that he’d only be enthusiastic during interviews. He wanted to make himself look like the anti-Bonds.

Baseball News 9.22.07

Barry Bonds won’t be a San Francisco Giant in 2008. It’s been a great 15 seasons.

SF Giants + Bonds In 2008?

“My numbers are good enough to play. When I feel I can’t compete at this level, that’s when it’s time to shut it down. My numbers are still in the top whatever in baseball. When I feel I’m not good enough to compete, when I can’t compete at the level I feel is respectful for me, that’s when it’s time to shut it down. Right now, my numbers are not bad.”

Congrats To Barry Bonds + No. 756

Barry Bonds hit home run number 756 last night against the Washington Nationals. Hank Aaron had a special video tribute, and poor Bud Selig was not in attendance.

Apple Server + Barry Bonds

Here’s a look at probably the cleanest and most efficient server rack ever.