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Scott Brooks (photo via Keith Allison)

Scott Brooks, Mon Amour

Scott Brooks was fired a few days ago after seven years as Head Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The team replaced him with longtime University Of Florida men’s basketball coach Billy Donovan. Read more →

Rajon Rondo (photo credit: DGA Productions)

No Playoff Share For Rajon Rondo

Cold, but deserved. Dallas Mavericks players voted to not give Rajon Rondo a playoff share from a pool of $208,940 after his disastrous play in the team’s first round series loss to the Houston Rockets. Read more →

Free 2015 NBA Playoff Tickets

It’s always nice to see free tickets for NBA playoff games.

The San Antonio Spurs conducted an easter egg hunt for its giveaway of 2015 playoff tickets. For those lucky few who followed the team’s Instagram account and knew where to look from the clues, good for you and I hope you enjoy tomorrow night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

While generous as that ticket giveaway was, it doesn’t come close to beating Zach Randolph’s 500 free tickets.

Playlist: 3 – SXSW 2015 Vol. I

My third 8tracks playlist, hopefully you like.

Among the featured Artists (in no particular order):





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